Telephone +44 (0)1628 675 870

Telephone +44 (0)1628 675 870

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All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!
All the benefits of floatation therapy without that “closed in" feeling 
Uses the same floor space as standard float tanks!
Starlight ceiling float room interior

Starlight ceiling

Over 100 waterproof LED lights in "Night Sky" layout. "Twinkle" effect and/or colour changing moods available. Lights fully controlled by the customer.

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  • UV/Peroxide sanitation
  • Cathredal Float room
  • Double Float room
  • Dual lighting control

Ocean Float Rooms high specification UV & Peroxide system constantly delivers 100% sterile water*, a rare standard for this form of sanitation.

How it is done: A powerful magnetic drive pump drives the salt solution through our UV system 4 times during the standard cleaning cycle. With each pass the solution is exposed to powerful UV wavelengths up to 5 times longer than required, guaranteeing full sanitation.

A dosing pump simultaneously injects the correct peroxide amount into the solution while a dedicated control system allows you to increase or decrease the dose level & filtration time to super clean and/or purge the solution at the close of business. Real time feedback on the status of the system is available at any time.
* Confirmed by independent tests

Ocean Float Rooms UV Filter System

The interior of the Float room can be extended to the height of your ceiling adding to the tranquillity and wonderful sense of space your customers feel as they step inside.

Ocean Float Rooms cathedral float room

A Double Float room is 50% wider than a standard Float room, but can be even wider. A double Float room may appear, at first, to have certain economic benefits, but in some float businesses there may be disadvantages which outweigh the advantages and the business could be compromised.

If you are considering a double float room please discuss with us the possible advantages and disadvantages so you can make an informed choice.

This system provides simultaneous lighting control of the Float room spa lights and the suite lighting. Control is from either the air switch inside the Float room, or from the external suite light switch. This provides an easy convenience for both staff and float clients.

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Tel: +44 (0)1628 675 870

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